Footpath Maintenance

Members of our Group regularly form small teams of volunteers who walk paths in our area in order to clear vegetation etc, add waymarkers and identify any issues to be reported to Cheshire East Council, the highways authority. These issues may include such things as damaged stiles or bridges, electric fences etc and anything that obstructs passage for walkers. We do our best to inform the highways authority of such issues, so that they can organise the necessary action. We do not carry out any repairs ourselves.

We cover all 23 Parishes within the old Congleton Borough, in a regular order, so it will take several years to visit them all, obviously depending on the number of volunteers that are available. In general, our teams will go out once a month and are supplied with suitable tools and are covered by Ramblers insurance.

We are always keen to welcome new volunteers and especially so as we hope to increase our activities again in 2021. It is a great way to meet other members and discover many local places of interest.

Rights of Way & Campaigns

We represent national Ramblers in local issues relating to Public Rights of Way and are advised by Cheshire East when a change to a path or bridleway is proposed by legal process. Occasionally, we receive reports of unauthorised and illegal changes from the public, so would help to ensure these are reversed, or pursued by the highways authority if not.

Rights of Way campaigns are conducted from Ramblers HO (e.g. Don’t Lose Your Way) and all such issues can be viewed on

If you would like to join our path maintenance volunteers or report any problems please contact Michael Dale at

Lost ways and forgotten footpaths

Congleton Ramblers are currently taking part in a campaign to recover Lost Ways.

Details are on this page: Lost Ways