Walks Calendar


  • Members have said that they would like more 7-8 mile walks. If this is you, please come forward with offers to lead these walks.

  • Do remember that walks can take place on any day of the week. If you are unable to lead a Sunday walk, we can offer walks on other days.

Walk offers should be sent to:

Rosemary Bennett 07986 581666 email rosemary@lokx.co.uk (full-day walks coordinator)

Brian Campbell 07798 602605 email brian.campbell399@btinternet.com (half-day walks coordinator)

Ken Campbell 07888 962611 email kenjamescampbell@gmail.com (Tuesday evening walks)

Leaders will continue to state the starting point for the walk. Members are encouraged to make car-sharing arrangements when they feel ready to do so.

The recommended maximum group size remains at 15. Leaders may choose to vary this. Please continue to notify leaders of your intention to attend the walk. Leaders complete a risk assessment that takes into account the number of walkers in the group.

If you have reserved a place on a walk and can no longer attend, do let the leader know. There may be members on a waiting list.

Walk Grades:

L: Relatively easy at leisurely pace

M-: A little easier than moderate

M: Moderate (reasonable degree of fitness required)

M+; A little harder than moderate

S: Strenuous (could involve rough country and mountains)

Note: Walks are subject to change if weather conditions are poor etc

The actual end time will vary depending on walk length, journey time, conditions etc. For a more accurate end time please contact the leader.